Creating a Space for Kingdom Manifestation

We are a community of coaches, survivors, and truth-seekers, manifesting God's truth.

Join the conversation too deep for Social Media

Since I started Bride Ministries in 2012, we have had a robust conversation about Satanic Ritual Abuse, Dissociative Identity Disorder, Government Sponsored Mind Control programs, the Kingdom of God, the End Times, and how to manifest as a son of God.  We have delved into the deep things of the spirit and have not been afraid to go into what the mainstream calls "conspiracy theories." Over the last few years, mainstream media, Facebook, and Twitter have increasingly censored the truth, making it more difficult to have honest conversations and genuine equipping.  

This is why I am bypassing their control systems and starting my own network.  Manifest with Dan Duval is a network of people who are free to have God inspired conversations grounded in Truth.  

At Manifest with Dan Duval, my goal is to help move you into your God-given destiny, share cutting-edge revelation for breakthrough, and equip you to ministry to survivors.

What You Can Expect

  • 💺 Exclusive Postings by Dan Duval and an opportunity to engage in a robust conversation about a number of relevant topics
  • 🏃 Active Network– join our active community of others who are hungry to have deep conversations about the Kingdom of God and things of the spirit.
  • 💡 Live Events – join periodic events hosted by Dan Duval based on where God is currently leading him

What You Will Learn

  • 🎓 New Online Courses taught by Dan Duval and others to help you move to the next level in God
  • 📘 Recommended materials where we curate the top books and podcasts to help you on your journey
  • 💺 Free Monthly Q&As with Dan Duval where you can ask questions that you can't get answered anywhere else

Join a "Manifest Circle" based on your goals

Manifest Destiny

For those who desire to reach the fullness of their Godly destiny, we will have tools, resources, and classes that will propel you towards manifestation as a son or daughter of God. 

Manifest Ministry

For inner healing/deliverance coaches, we have resources to equip you with how to work with SRA/DID survivors and those coming from extreme trauma backgrounds.  You will get the latest techniques that I use for deliverance and inner healing and participate in a robust conversation with other coaches.

Manifest Breakthrough

If you are looking for advanced tools and revelation on how to get free from deep bondage, we will have brand new classes and materials specifically for you.  Get healing and breakthrough in a welcoming community of other survivors.